New Stuff

  • I am currently working on a Post-doctoral proposal that intends to explore anxiety and ‘natural’ spaces in Scotland, this will include the themes of metaphorical and literal darkness in rural landscapes. This will further my methodology of serendipitous ethnography and my Geothian inspired methods. This will be another transdisciplinary project. At the moment I am navigating a host institution and funding opportunities to continue this research.


  • I am currently collaborating on a short methodological inquiry in to how we can begin to understand the human relationship to darkness in rural environments. This is exploring our emotional, bodily and sensory experience of darkness in such spaces.  We are facilitating workshops exploring this in Lenzie, Glasgow with a group of artists, dancers, linguists, social scientists and outdoors practitioners. This is in preparation for delivering a paper in New Orleans at The American Association of Geographers Conference in April, 2018. – Towards the Dark: An exploration with and without light, in the rural darkness of winter (to be co-written with Dr Margaret Kerr.)