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I was born in Edinburgh in the late eighties and spent my early twenties in London studying performing arts and community engagement. On my return I began running a restaurant and transformed it in to an organic social enterprise, winning Scottish Sustainable Restaurant of the Year in 2014 before beginning my Ph.D research later that year. It was here that I became aware of my want to understand how a sense of community is fostered through shared experiences, at this point it was about cooking together and eating!

I completed my Ph.D at The University of Edinburgh in December 2017 (you can read about my research here). This research focused on the self and group dynamics in natural landscapes. I am currently researching as an independent researcher and working on projects looking at community in Scotland, gender, nature and wellbeing, queer nature and darkness. My work sits across social research and social policy, gender, queer activism, feminism and outdoor wellness and wellbeing. I am a transdisciplinary, ethnographic, social researcher and I am the Policy Coordinator for Scotland’s leading LGBTI social policy charity, Equality Network. Check out Equality Network’s work here

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