About me

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I am a transdisciplinary, ethnographic, social researcher.

I was born in Edinburgh in the late eighties and spent my early twenties in London studying performing arts and community engagement. In 2009 I completed an honours degree in Theatre Studies and in 2010, I completed my Masters by research in Applied Theatre  (Drama in the community and education) at The University of London. I have had many occupations (teacher/ actor, stage manager, arts practitioner, landscape gardener, events manager, restaurateur…) I finally moved back to Edinburgh in 2012. On my return I began running a restaurant and transformed it in to an organic social enterprise, winning Scottish Sustainable Restaurant of the Year in 2014 before beginning my Ph.D research later that year.

I completed my Ph.D at The University of Edinburgh in December 2017 (you can read about my research here). I am finding my post-Ph.D feet and I am excited to be beginning new things, teaching in new departments, collaborating on new projects, navigating the world of publishing, running workshops, giving seminars and searching for the ideal job! One that will allow me to nourish my skills in social enterprise, working with people, the outdoors and academic research.

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